June 25th, 2019

10 Things not to do when you Travel

You have always been reading and finding stuff about the do’s when you travel like go here, don’t miss this place, do this as a must; but along with that there are certain things that are required to be avoided while travelling to places. To be a best traveler you should know the don’ts of travelling as well.


It is important because if you know what should be avoided you can travel millions of places without getting yourself in any kind of trouble like freaking out of your budget or finding yourself not enough with the things you should have. Here are some things listed below that you should never do when you travel.

  1. Do not book your tickets very early. When you have to travel somewhere and you need to book your tickets, never book them too early but wait for the right time so you may get some great deals and save a lot of your money. Agencies are never ready to take out half buses or tours so they may offer some great last minute deals and you can take advantage of those deals.
  2. Do not eat near any famous tourist place. Try to eat at some other famous places as there are many in a city that can offer you with the best food at normal prices. But if you eat near famous tourist places you are going to eat the same food at double prices. Go for other local places that you are surely going to enjoy and eat food at cheaper prices.
  3. Do not take taxis. Instead of taking taxis try to use public transport as much as you can do. In this way you can save your money and the fare will be divided among other people as well. In taxis you are going to spend a lot of your money.
  4. Do not pack too much. You may want to pack a lot of stuff in excitement when you are going to some of the most wanted places. But try not to pack a lot of stuff with you as this can help you save your money as well as your time at the airport. Be realistic and know what you need.
  5. Do not list out hostels for accommodation. Instead of just searching out for expensive hotels for your stay you can look out for hostels as well because if you have ever heard bad about hostels, this is not true. There are many clean hostels available equipped with all the required things and facilities.

  6. Do not limit your travel search. Most of the people only go to visit only famous travel areas that should not be the only places you are visiting. Instead one should go for visiting as many places as you can, including all those places that are not very popular yet.
  7. Do not stick to your mobile phones. When you are out on your vacation try to enjoy the tour and places you are visiting instead of sticking to your phone. Try to keep it in your pocket and stay away from social media.
  8. Beware of your body language. We are usually not aware of our body language but this is what one should beware of when you visit other countries because signs and symbols may have different meaning in different areas and can get you in trouble.
  9. Do not take pictures of people without their permission. Never try to take pictures of people without getting their permission as this is un-ethical and may get you in trouble with locals.
  10. Do not dress disrespectfully. When you go to some other country with different norms try to follow their norms and follow their dress code.