June 25th, 2019

6 Best Travel Apps for Android You Must Have in 2019

One of the important tools for travelers can be mobile phones that can help them at any time to do various tasks including looking up for information about certain places, book your flights and much more. Mobile phones have made it much easier to do all of your tasks and interesting fact is that all of it can be obtained with the use of a single device. Most of us usually prefer the usage of Android devices and they have plenty of apps that you can simply install and help out yourself if you are a passionate traveler.

Let’s have a look at six best apps that you can easily install and use if you are a traveller and an android user too. Keep scrolling!

1. Airbnb ( Airbnb (Free) for Android )

Airbnb_best travel app

If you are looking for some independent traveling apps, then you are in the right place. Airbnb is one of the favorite travel map apps for Android users that can help you out in traveling especially to find yourself someplace to stay at all those places where you are planning to go to.

It has the feature of renting out spare rooms for the coming travelers and making it super easy for them to get themselves a place. It can boast up to 2.5 million homes not in a single country but up to 190 countries across the world. So it can be a convenient source for getting yourself a comfortable room in any country you are going to visit.

2. Wikitude ( Wikitude Studio )


When planning to travel the only goal is not only to find yourself a place to stay while the visit but also to find a place that is worth visiting and for this, you need to get yourself some information regarding different places that you can visit.

Wikitude is a free app that you can install and serve yourself with a free guide and get information regarding all of your surrounding cities and countries. Not only you can find out relevant information regarding your surrounding areas but also use it as a tourist and travel guide.

Hence this app has made it much easier to get yourself information regarding places instead of putting yourself in problems of finding out a perfect place to including in your traveling plan this year.

3. Hotels near me ( Cheap Hotels Near Me for Tonight )


Another quite popular free app to get on your android device is Hotels near me. You have to install it on your mobile phone and then use the GPS chip in your device, and you will be having in your hand an app that can consult to almost 60,000 hotels. S

o Whether you want an elite place to stay or wanna get it within your budget, you can find it easily near your location and remain till whenever you have to all with the information about the place, phone number, address and the reviews of the people already visited. You don't have to go to the hotel to book a room, but you can do it just with the phone in your hand. After booking a place, you will get an e-mail confirmation soon and done!

4. Google translate


There are a lot of places that might be in your traveling plan this year but all those places might not be the ones where the English language is understandable but there might be some other native languages that may make it hard for you to understand and cause a hurdle for you in your traveling.

To get rid of this error while traveling you can take help of Google to translate that has the unique feature as shown in the name of translating one language into another, instantly. Not only translation but this app can talk to people making it much easier and simple for you through real-time speech translator. This app is free and essential to carry in your mobile phone when traveling to other countries like Italy, China, Bangladesh, etc.

5. PackPoint


If you are a person with a bad memory and it is difficult for you to remind yourself of all the things that you need to keep along with you in your bag pack while traveling, then this app is a must and perfect solution for you. Wondering what this app can do for you? It has the characteristic to list out all those things for you that you will need to carry along with you.

All you are supposed to do is to tell the app when are you going, where are you going and what is your purpose of traveling to that place. Also, you can add the items in the list of your choice too and then use it as a guide to making it sure you take all those things with you and don't forget.

6. Skyscanner ( How Does Skyscanner Work )


It is an app that can get you the cheaper flights to wherever you want to go at any time. Install the app in your device, search for the flights and book the one for you. You can also search out the hotels in the city or country you're going to land in within your budget.

But before you can also get yourself informed about them to select the place that is of your choice.