June 25th, 2019

Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the World

Scuba Diving

Who doesn't love to be at the best places around the world to go for scuba diving. There are a lot of people and maybe you are the one as well who are passionate about being at different places to enjoy scuba diving there.

Many people who are scuba diving subscribers or those are online users and have been to different dive destinations have rated places that helps to find out the best diving destinations in the world. Below are some places at different corners of the world where you may go and fulfill your dream of scuba diving.

If you are finding a place anywhere in Malaysia or if you’re in Malaysia then you need to be really happy because you have one of the best places for scuba diving close to you. Sipadan, Malaysia is considered to be one of the world’s best places to scuba dive and is a remote island with abundance of fishes in it.

Only 100 dives are permitted there per day so you are either going to pay a lot of your money or book your turn months ago so you can get your chance to scuba dive in this beautiful island.

The Yongala, Australia is another very famous and well-known place for scuba diving. You will find many sea animals like sea snakes, octopus, tiger sharks, cluster of fishes and life all around you in the sea. But this place is known for an incident that happened in 1911 when it killed almost 122 people because the people had no telegraph facilities back then and so could not be informed about the weather changes.

But now this place is safe and famous for scuba diving.

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One of the most amazing places where many people want to be and you too may want to be there this year to fulfill your dream of scuba diving is Raja Ampat, Indonesia. People do go there for sailing as well but it is known as the best spot for scuba diving as well because of its beautiful remote location and a lot of mountain islands surrounding this place. You can find and see a lot of life in the sea.

Just in a single dive you can watch dolphins, fish, sharks, whales and much more.

Galapagos, Ecuador is another scuba diving destination with hammerheads, seals and even iguanas that you will rarely find at other places. It is very cold down at this place (almost 22 degrees) but its beauty makes it worth visiting plus it is quite challenging to go there for scuba diving so makes it even more interesting to visit it at least once in life.

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Those who love to be at places for scuba diving that offer crystal clear water and greenery will love to go to French Polynesia because it has clear water just like a scuba diver can wish for  and green islands all surrounding the place. Along with being a lovely spot to be, it too is full of life with corals, whales and manta rays all around.