June 25th, 2019

How Beautiful Pakistan Looks in the Summer

I am wondering where to go this summer on your vacations? This is not only you! Most of us want to spend our summer vacations in some right places.

If you are in Pakistan and worrying about where to go, reading this might help you out because we have sorted out some places that are the right ones to go and visit to enjoy the beauty of Pakistan in summers.

Nobody wants to spend summer at a hot place while every one of us tries to get out of these heated areas and go to some sites that are all about rivers, landscapes, mountains, rain clouds and thunders.

You don’t need to worry as there are right places existing just within Pakistan that can bless you with enjoyment. There are several places that you can trust upon and go to visit during summer in Pakistan. but Remeber Always hire best Pakistan Travel Agency for your travel Packages.


The very first place that clicks in anybody’s mind to go during summers is Murree to get an escape from the hotness and relax at a cool site that holds within the natural beauty.

You can enjoy different activities in Murree like hiking, enjoy different rides or walk through and wander on the wondrous roads of Murree letting the cold breeze relax you. Nathia Gali is quite a famous place in between Murree and Abbottabad covering the hills of Marjani. You can enjoy going to this place with your friends and family to discover this beautiful place within the forests bringing you close to nature.

Another very famous place to go and watch how Pakistan looks in the summer is Fairy Meadows that you might have heard about. The area is just as beautiful as the name located near the base camp sites of Nanga Parbat.

It will provide you with not only an escape from hot weather but also an adventurous experience to go and climb up the mountains in the green. Oh, Shogran is one of the adventurous destinations one might ever go to. You find yourself all up on the hills covered with snow even in the summers feeling like you to be in any fantasy. Greenery all around, colourful flowers, woods, top of the mountains all seem to be a fairytale. I bet this is one of the places you are going to fell in love with.

Swat valley is another best option to visit during summers, and you will find heaven on Earth. During the blazing heat in summers in all other areas of Pakistan, the temperature in Swat is quite low making it one of the ideal locations to be in during summers.

You can enjoy being in nature and spend your time doing different activities like roaming around, visiting their food points, fish in, and much more.

So now you know that Pakistan is full of beautiful places to visit during summers and you don’t need to go to Europe as this country has placed full of natural beauty that can make you forget other sites and enjoy your vacations happily.

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