June 25th, 2019

How Instagram Is Helping Promote Tourism in Pakistan

Instagram Is Helping Promote Tourism

The revolution brought about by technology is phenomenal, allowing people to better connect and stay in touch.

Different inventions done during the past years served to remove the communication barriers among people, including smartphones and social media. There are a lot of social media platforms available, including Instagram. You might have seen a lot of bloggers while you scroll your news feed. Instagram accounts highlighting tourism and the beauty of Pakistan through their eyes and photography. Tourism Companies Packages are very competitive now.

Among them, many of them have started portraying a beautiful image of Pakistan for their viewers.

When it comes to travelling, Instagram bloggers have been helping people a lot to find out the best tourism spots all around Pakistan. Not only you get to know the place, but these bloggers post on Instagram can help you find out the relevant information regarding the area which otherwise might be challenging to find.

Instagram Is Helping Promote Tourism

Bloggers have made Instagram one of the best sources for promoting tourism in Pakistan. Your Instagram feed might be full of so many perfect photographs posted by various bloggers. They visit different places in Pakistan and share their experiences, helping you decide about the situation, whether good or not.

A lot of media channels has negatively portrayed Pakistan's image, and people might hate visiting the place due to those negative images, but through social media, mainly, Instagram played a significant role in proving them all wrong and promote tourism in Pakistan all around the globe Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab.

People look over the Instagram posts with quite an interest and visit those places afterwards as well. There are many cool places in Pakistan even you might not be aware of, but can find them out on your news feed.

We checked out some of the captivating photography skills of various bloggers on Instagram that are listed below so you may go and follow them to find out some of the best tourist spots in Pakistan where you’ve never been!

  • Mazharnazirphotography
  • Azmatnaseer
  • Asmarsphotography
  • Wonderful Pakistan
  • Nature.Pakistan
  • Travel.geekz
  • Nidazizou

All of these accounts and bloggers feature all those places in Pakistan that are worth visiting representing the true beauty Pakistan has. Starting from all the beautiful snow-covered mountains till the mesmerising rivers and lakes, all of them are beautifully captured and described. They also witness people and culture making it sure to highlight all the spots that can be perfect for the vacations for not only the foreigners but also the natives.

Toursim in Pakistan

As it is evident that Instagram is public, and these posts of different bloggers can be reached out by all the people searching to visit some suitable place in the country. Also, the foreigners’ attention can be captured well through excellent photography skills that most of our country bloggers are blessed with. Pakistan is gifted with beautiful places and nature that is captured pretty well by various bloggers on Instagram serving to be a source of attracting tourists.