June 25th, 2019

Is it Safe to Travel to Pakistan


Is it Safe to travel Pakistan

You might have heard from a lot of people about Pakistan telling you not to go there as it is not safe to travel and visit.

Many times you might have been reading or watching the breaking news regarding terrorism attacks and bomb blasts in the country which are undoubtedly correct. Many mishaps and incidents can happen in any corner of the world, but that never makes a state valid enough to be labelled with the tag of “dangerous”.


Safe Pakistan

Many tourists have been travelling and still travel to Pakistan as it is full of potential. There are a lot of places full of natural beauty for anyone who loves to be in the green and woods. Not only woods, but there are mountains serving to be the best place for hiking lovers and climbers.

Another reason to be travelling to Pakistan is its people full of respect and hospitality that you will rarely find at any other place. Many sub-cultures and ethnicities can add up to the fun of your journey so you can observe them while you visit different sites. They can make your travel much more memorable and surprising enough to tell others to come and visit Pakistan.

Apart from this, if we talk about the places around the country, there are certain places that are not safe to travel especially without assistance. One of them is Baluchistan as it forms a border between Iran and Afghanistan.


It is not stable and is the most dangerous province around the country with the danger of getting kidnapped. Another not safe place in Pakistan is all the Tribal areas which border Afghanistan and Baluchistan. This is because the control of the government is very less in this area and is mainly full of Pashtuns.

Also, you might have heard of the Taliban who are present here. To visit these two places, you will need special permission which is very hard to get, and I will recommend you not to visit them as they are not safe for Pakistani’s themselves.

There are some other areas in Pakistan that can be dangerous up to some extent but are not very dangerous so one can travel to those places along with some assistance and support.

One of such places is Swat valley that is too beautiful and a must visit. But its image has been characterized by media as a dangerous place because of the incident that happened in 2007 due to Taliban attacks but now it is all safe to visit.

Another place is Chitral and Kalash Valleys, worth visiting. But the only reason for it not being safe is due to Taliban threat present in the area. Many people were killed due to an incident that happened in 2010 but now the security in the area has been increased a lot so you can go and watch the beauty of this place.