July 4th, 2019

Things To Know Before You Travel To Thailand

A lot of people visit Thailand every year and the number keeps growing because of the beauty and mesmerizing views you can visit and watch in nowhere but Thailand. For people who are going to travel to Thailand soon or are planning to travel should know some basic things before spending their holidays in this paradise. So here are some things one should know before travelling to Thailand.

Dining in Thailand is not the same as you have been doing in your country or other countries. If you want yourself to be represented as a polite person, go for eating through the spoon instead of eating directly from the fork. Use your fork to push the food on the spoon and eat. Also if you are eating with other people and you are not the only one on the table; do not order just your food but the food everybody agrees upon. Because in Thailand everyone on the table shares food so every individual’s agreement is important.

Try to avoid tourism as much as you can. You might have seen pictures of people in Thailand riding over elephants and maybe you want to do the same but, avoid. Try to stay away from all such places that have limited the freedom of wild animals. You are not well aware about how these animals are treated behind the scenes and how much neglected they are, so it is better to stay away. But if you are so much interested in all this animal stuff, watch them, but always remember to keep your distance.

Another thing you need to remember before going to Thailand is never trust the taxi drivers. Obviously bargaining before getting into any taxi or tuk-tuk is common sense as in most countries they usually ask for more and you should not be that stupid to give them what they say but, bargain. Also keep in mind to never believe what these taxi drivers tell you about any place. If they tell you about any place you want to go that it is closed, do not believe. Places are open usually 99% of times and if you agree to what they tell you they are going to take you to some friend’s shop or boutique.

Instead of visiting expensive restaurants go for street food and I’m pretty sure you are going to love it. As Thailand is a part of Asia, its street food is undoubtedly the best you can have. You can find delicious food on every street corner. Don’t worry about getting sick because of it. It is totally trustable as well as cheap.

There are a lot of festivals that you should attend when coming to spend your holiday at this place. Among some of their famous festivals is Lantern festival in which people leave thousands of lanterns to go up into the sky to kick off bad vibes and have a fresh new start. Loi Krathong is another festival celebrated in city Bangkok and full moon party that one should never miss. More than 40,000 people dance on the beach during night when its full moon and that is worth watching full of good vibes.