July 4th, 2019

Top 10 Pakistani Travellers

Tourism is quite growing industry in Pakistan and now people are becoming quite more interested in travelling across the world. Travel related vlogging is increasing day by day and people are taking too much interest in gathering and watching new experiences related to traveling at different place around the globe. People in Pakistan are now crossing all boundaries to fulfill their wish of travelling and share their adventures through different application like posting stories on Instagram or making vlogs on Youtube which can be a source of earning money as well. Also, you can make your traveling even memorable through it.

Pakistani travellers are now visiting enchanted places and territories that you might have never even heard about. Through telling their stories online and sharing them on social media they are now a source of inspiring and encouraging other people to start their own traveling plans.

1- Abdul Wali

One of such motivator to traveling places is Abdul Wali who is undoubtedly one of the best known Pakistani travellers sharing his travel stories with people across the world through posting vlogs regularly on Youtube.

Also, his channel is a source of providing useful information regarding planning your traveling.


Another well-known Pakistani traveller is Ukhano from NCA Lahore who started as personal vlogger but now much of his focus is towards travel vlogging posting stuff about his visits and tours to amazing places around the globe especially Pakistan, capturing their beauty and sharing them on Youtube.

3- Shariq Raza

Shariq Raza, another young traveler, though lives in Abu Dhabi, but belongs to Pakistan. He has travelled a lot of places and explored even more than 30 countries sharing interesting videos on his Youtube channel which is growing day by day.

4- Saad aka Paki

Saad aka Paki with more than 8000 followers is still gaining even more popularity. He is another Pakistani traveller with the great passion of exploring different regions around the world and like others mentioned above, he too shares his travelling experiences through pictures on his Instagram account and videos on Youtube as well. Here if we talk about those travellers in Pakistan who are the local travellers and photographers

5- Pirusaein

Pir Faraz Ali is the one who deserves to be mentioned here. He has been travelling since 2010 and is a local photographer sharing his experiences to the world.

6- Bilal Azam (Being a traveler)

Bilal Azam, a traveller with the passion of travelling, loves to gather experiences by visiting the adventurous places, doing certain challenging things around the world and upload a lot of content regarding travelling on his channel consistently

7- Jehanzaib Zia

Jehanzaib Zia who loves travelling and has been doing it since years and shares them on his Youtube channel consistently. But still his hard work is not as much recognized by people as much it deserves to be appreciated.

8- Usman Zubair

Usman Zubair who is a freelancer and works as a cinematographer and filmmaker owns his own Youtube channel as well where he shares all the short films and videos created by him that are worth watching and to be appreciated. He is also available on Instagram where you may find a lot of beautiful clicks all done by him.

9- Mobeen Mazhar

All of us are already amazed by watching beautiful photography done by people traveling across the world and among those travellers stands Mobeen Mazhar who says that travelling is his passion sharing all his travelling stuff and shots taken by him on his Instagram account.

10. Aabbiidd

Clicked by Aabbiidd

And last but not the least Pakistani traveler is Aabbiidd who started his Youtube channel just recently and just a few posts done by him proves how much passionate he is about travelling and is an inspiration for people around.